Sunday, 17 October 2010

Last Vacation at the High School

This story about a human story of a group trip, where our story will become a memory later. Oh yes one more, now we are all no longer the status of high school kids, everyone already have its university status.
This holiday begins his plan Biggy who celebrated his birthday to the 17, and he will celebrate by inviting us to holiday at a beach, plan in class, sitting on the bench for 2 students, vote on a whiteboard, joke here and there , but ultimately there has been no final decision as well (custom high school kids, a lot of plans but little reality xp, so missed the high school kids anymore)
And finally, UN, U.S., Practice Exams, Graduation, Farewell, had we passed, holiday time !!!!!!loh? but we've rarely met, because schools already dismiss us, and there will be no re-registration, or buying a new notebook, or buy new uniforms, yes because we now have not become Sman 22 Bandung students anymore, it's sad, our present status what? hee
As a result what else if not facebook that unite us, which is also loved by everyone, comment, vote, we are doing with the same wall, and consequently the committee cape set time because not everyone deals with decision-hee (including me, sorry) hee, but because the class committee bluff a little bit grumpy when touched with the expense we were getting results we set the ladder 15 july 10 pm, and returned on 18 July at 12 noon on Carita beach, but the funny again revamped the committee plan to go July 16, at 4 Fajr hee.

But for me it's a great question, whether I should go with their decision, dated 16? telecoms announcement also, well I was panicking at that time. father also provide relief, if his son was accepted in the telecoms, I was allowed to join up with them. And Biggy even so, just like me he is not threatened, the 16 he unjani test, and he plans to go to Carita test after 4 pm. Time goes so impatient I see telkom website to know the results, and the tank after I wake up from sleep at 12 pm, about 5 minutes, I opened her website at phonecell, and arggghhhh page canot open, alas! I immediately opened the laptop and connecting cable internet connection (with haste haste), type the name of the website telecoms, and treeng Fajri AKBAR RD, PASS SELECTION D3 computerized accounting, my body limp arhggg that time, not this jur that I want, check the name of the register also teman2 . send a message to vivi, if results are bad. And the most exciting thing, call papah, "Hello, I get hero in his D3, not S1 MBTI", "Yasudah later re pikir2 papah, leaves at what time?" . Hahhhh? hahaha good signal appeared on the sidelines between the telephone. Biggy telephone and chat, and reminds her to not tell if I go to the beach following a carita.
Set6 o'clock in the afternoon I, Biggy, and teh'buggie (his brother Biggy) began a trip to Jakarta, speeding once, once in a while I looked at the clock, smoke, saw the streets, and closed his eyes, does not feel when I wake Biggy, got BSD City, home Biggy. huh? thought to have reached carita, Biggy and his brother down, and I waited in the car. 15menit then we continue the journey. Why travel to get there is extremely challenging, thanks a'andre, kaka girlfriend Biggy, replacing the position of the driver.
At 10 through 24 minutes, the car arrived at the condo Carita Biggy, very excited! out of the car, Biggy first came in, and I'm behind, rany and aji are surprised to see me, and consequently rany joy I came, haa (the child), following the excitement he vivi, me and Biggy directly to the 2nd floor, room vivi, rany , Veni. One room the five of us
The next day, a beautiful day for water play, and we drove to the beach, photos, and eat breakfast beforehand, time to play with beach hahahaha, originally stood on the beach, but finally we mutually ignorant splash splashing water into the body each other, eventually we all go down at the beach playing water, his asyiik that time, (except aji and rany, they are fun dating off the coast) the difference, just me, vivi, and Biggy (no nuy, ines, Astari, 3 friends us, remember the days when we all play water in Pangandaran, and again Astari not participate at that time: ()BANANA BOAT! yeahhh we all tried the game, and he called unparalleled hahaha, each one of us quit playing water on the beach, but I, Biggy, Acong, Veni, ASKA, UPI, tommy, Adila, ine, rama, and whether it was forgotten xp swim in the pool which was a condominium that provides a swimming pool! activities that are most I like, I forget what time it is time, but we finish our work, walked toward the condominium. Bath, busy here and there, the floor is wet, many sand ahhh I do not like things like this, out of the shower we were chatting with each other in the room (because it also gets very hot out) to watch, together with my snack, photos, dating, smoking , wah relaxed atmosphere of the time!
Time does not seem to walk, the evening came around, and ahh I do not like the time when the disease relapses, as a result I'm only sleeping room, when they BBQ's, and even build rany me to eat grilled fish, grilled prawns, grilled squid. After that, we went to the beach that is located at the far end, away from our condominium, to light a campfire, make a circle was we were there, and a fire lit, warm! (When else we all come together like this? My mind the question that arises, ahhhhhh hate these thoughts in mind if one appears) there is a little upset here, because rama (benjo) throw throw sand into the fire, oh long long time it could be extinguished, errrrrrrr benjo benjo!
The next day, time for us to go home, check aout 12 noon, we were all packing barang2 masing2, Hmmmmm lazy moment like this moment, 12 o'clock came around, we all were saying goodbye to the Biggy, because he does not come with us to go home by bus, but he picked up again (the basis of the great lord)!when he got on the bus, we take pictures first, our group photo in front of the bus, which will be a memorable one, because that's when all our pictures together. "Thanks Biggy" once we say it to him when we leave, travel for the sake of our journey through the bus, sleep, watch transformers, snacking, the nausea, we feel all. Rest a while at our resort (up to 3x transit may hahaha)
Bandung, a city so I love, yes we all arrived at the toll gate of stone fruit!Parents, all of which picked us up, waiting in jl.rajamantri, Ahhhh finally arrived bandung too:)
This is what I will not feel again in the future, there will be no friends who like you, not that I do not want to grow up or do not want to accept fate but I feel normal for things like this farewell then, no more stupid things that will we meet later, I was sure it was not just me who feels this way, there are still many people who hysterical if you have a farewell!Not the word the word "bye" that I want, we just split each for several years, and have to meet again later, not for good!Truly great friends are hard to find, Difficult to leave, and impossible to forget!good luck friends

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