Monday, 20 June 2011

Mengukur Eksistensi


Sejauh mana Anda eksis di dunia internet? Ini pertanyaan menggelitik namun grudgingly banyak blogger yang tertarik. Dan kini ada cara yang lumayan konyol namun menurut saya sahih juga.

Bukalah situs Google (anda gagal dalam eksistensi tahap dasar bila masih menanyakan URL). Google kini dilengkapi dengan instrumen "suggestion" yang akan memberikan beberapa alternatif bersamaan dengan Anda mengetik. Inilah barometer eksistensi.

Coba ketik nama Anda. Semakin eksis Anda, Google hanya membutuhkan sedikit mungkin karakter untuk menampilkan nama di barisan suggestion. Vice versa. Anda yang tidak ngetop butuh mengetikkan semua huruf yang ada di nama Anda.

Barack Obama butuh 5 huruf diketik (B-A-R-A-C) sebelum Google menampilkan suggestion yang tepat. Untuk itu ia patut iri kepada fenomena Bieber. Hanya mengetik J-U, Google telah mendapatkan Justin Bieber dalam kolom sugesti.

Dalam konteks lokal, Presiden SBY hanya butuh 4 huruf untuk memunculkan "Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono". Aktris Agnes Monica yang sejak lama ingin eksis internasional boleh berbangga. Cobalah ketik A-G, maka Agnes akan muncul bersamaan dengan Agni Pratistha dan Agung Podomoro. Ini jelas "mengalahkan" Anggun yang membutuhkan empat huruf sebelum ditampilkan Google.

Suggestion ini merupakan hasil rangkuman entry yang ada dikandung Google (alamat URL, situs dan sebagainya), ditambah dengan kecenderungan nama atau kata tersebut diketik di bar pencarian. Di satu masa, ketika heboh dengan videonya, Luna Maya bisa muncul bahkan ketika kita mengetik huruf L! Sekarang effort sedikit bertambah karena harus menambahkan U-N sebelum si cantik muncul.

Nah, kini cobalah mengukur eksistensi Anda. Saya sendiri membutuhkan 10 huruf sebelum nama "Akbar Fajri" muncul. Ya, itu semua huruf dan satu spasi! Rupanya saya tidak begitu beken di dunia maya.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Daddy Is Amazing

I like the idea of celebrating the Father's Day, even if there is no official Father's Day date in my country (Indonesia). We just celebrate the Mother's Day on December 22, and I'm not sure either why my country has no official date for Father's Day, but I just love the idea of honoring the man that gave us his legacy.

Even if, naturally a father is the provider in the family, I think it will be great if we say our gratitude and do something special for this special man. There was actually a declaration about Father's Day in Indonesia (November 12, 2006 in Solo-Central Java and Flores-East Nusa Tenggara), but still, there are many Indonesian people don't know about this. (It's kind of weird isn't it? haha) And so many date on international declaration about father's day. And one of is today, 19th June.

But anyway, Father's Day has been so popular in Asia too, and many Asian countries celebrating the Father's Day with the same way as Western countries. Evidence of days or festivals celebrating fathers can be found as far back as 4,000 years ago. However, it is widely acknowledged that the efforts of a Ms. Sonora Dodd were what led to the eventual creation- in 1972- of the formal holiday as it is known today.

More than himself, a Father would like his children have more opportunities, face just a few difficulties, more independent and (but) always need his presence. Daddy only ask you to do the work you like. Daddy let you win the game when you were young, but he won't let you win when you're grown up. Daddy won't be in the family album because he took the pictures. Daddy always keep his promise. He will keep his promise to help a friend, though your invitation to go fishing actually is more interesting . Daddy will always set your electric train toys for years, though you have been bored, because he still want you to play the train. Daddy will a little bit sad when his children play with their friends. He realize that it's the end of their childhood. Daddy start to plan your life when he knew that your mom is pregnant (you), but at the time you were born, he started to make revision.

Daddy will help you to make your dream come true and he can assure you to do impossible things, like floating on the water after he release you. Daddy perhaps does not know the answer of everything, but he helps you find it. Daddy perhaps looks fierce in your eye, but in your friend's eyes he looks funny and care.
Daddy is hard to face his gray he blamed his barber of cutting to much hair of him. Daddy will always love to help you do your homework, unless the newest math homework. Daddy is slow to have friend, but he is friend for life. Daddy is really love to help someone..but he hardly asked for help. Daddy always postpone to bring the car to the workshop, because he thinks he could fix it himself. Daddy is in the kitchen. He thinks cook is like science discovery. He has his own formula and only him will understand how to explain the complicated equation. And the result ? mmmh not bad. He will boast that only him who's able to cook the fusion dishes, like sushi and wienerschnitzel mix with potato salad. Daddy may never touch broom when he was young, but he could learn fast. Daddy will really love if the whole family eat dinner together though the electricity went off. Daddy will know the most how to pull the swing high enough to make you happy but not afraid. Daddy will give you the best seat, put you on his shoulder when the parade started.

Daddy will not spoil you when you're sick, but he won't sleep for the night. In case you need him. Daddy think you should independent, so he won't tell you what you have to do, but he will express his disagree.
Daddy believe that you should on time that's why he always wait for you with his old car, to take you on your first day to school. Daddy is generous..he will forget what he wants, so that he could give you what you needed.  Daddy let your scarecrow wears his sweater. Daddy will buy you lollipop that you ask, and eat it if you don't like. Daddy will stop everything that he worked on, if you like to talk..

Daddy always think and work hard to pay your tuition fee, though you never help count his wringkles Even he will love to hear your advice to stop his smoking habit. Daddy will lift your burden from your shoulder with his hands around the burden. Daddy will said "Ask your mom" when he liked to say "no". Daddy was never angry, but his face will be red-faced when his daughter was staying at a friend's house without permission. And he almost never angry, except when he found his son smoking in the bathroom.

Dad says "it's okay to take a little risk only you have to prepare lose what you expect."  The best compliment for daddy was when he saw you do something just like his way .... Daddy is more proud of your accomplishments, rather than his own accomplishments ... Daddy just will shake your hand the first time you left the house, because if he hugged you it probably never be released. Daddy thought a hundred is a tip ..; Thousand is allowance ..; Your first salary is too big for him.

Daddy does not like to shed a tear .... when you were born, and he heard you crying for the first time, he was very pleased until the tear out of his eyes (ssst.. but again this is not crying). When you were little, he can hold you to expel your fear when you dream ... to be killed the monster ... but ..... he was able to cry and could not sleep through the night, when his favorite daughter in the foreign country does not give the news for nearly a month.

I think my daddy once said: "If you want to get a sharp sword and a high quality, do not look it in the market much less from flea market, but come and order directly from the good iron. As well as with love and friends in your life, if you want to find true love someday, then asked for and order to Him that created them "

For his son future, daddy told his son: "Be strong and tougher than me, choose a mother for your future children a better woman than your mother, give a better for daughter in law and my grandchildren, than what have I give to you"

For his daughter future, daddy told his daughter: "Do not wimp though you're a woman, be my little angel and is always the best angel to the father of your children someday! A man who can protect you more than me, but never replace my position in your heart."

Daddy insisted, that your children will have to be better than you used to ....
Daddy can make you believe in yourself ... because he believes in you ...
Daddy did not try to be the best, but he's just trying to do the best ....

And most important is ... Daddy never stop you to love God, even he would spread a thousand roads so you can reach His love, because he loves you because of His love.

Dedicated to all daddy in the world.