Sunday, 17 October 2010

Second life

On Saturday morning, held at the ciburial, exactly my 2nd building campus Unisba, I along with 20 other friends to follow the field training unit of student activity that is unisba protocol unit. This training event lasted for 2 days, ie Saturday and Sunday.There was an accident that happened on my training was interrupted kegiataan, namely the week of Fajr, at 3 am we were awakened new member of our sleep, we entered into the hall, and our eyes on the ground covered by a scarf, I became the first participant had a turn for the interview. I led the way out the hall by the committee, in a state of eyes closed, I arrived at the post first. I sat down, and I was given a question related to why being incoming protocol unit. The first question is completed, the fire suddenly burst to the front of me, I did not realize what happened to me at that time because my eyes are still in a closed state. I rolled on the ground while rolling out for help, because I already feel my body on fire. Then the committee helps to put the fire out by any means. Berhasilah the fire was extinguished but I was already on fire, my pain, my shout. Then I was taken to Rs. Borromeo St., arrived at 4 am, I entered the emergency unit, not long after my family came. And on the day of week that I became inpatient hospital, to this day, 2 weeks ahead.

You know how it feels to get a second life? Grace to me, God gave me the opportunity to become a better human being again.

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