Sunday, 7 November 2010

Flat is my middle name

Have you ever fantasized chestnut have someone special, who will say "Good night, and wear the blanket" every night, and there is always a phone in the morning are always saying "Good morning dear, quick shower because I will soon arrive in your house"  or walking on Friday afternoon, because if you spend the day Saturday and Sunday, will be jammed. Or help each other tasks to each other, and support if I get bad grades, and well acquainted with my father and mother, also a sister. Or is that always come to every day, because you're sick in bed, and always bring your favorite food. Or are you ever fantasized chestnut collecting movie ticket alone, and give it as a gift 1 anniversary year you. Providing an umbrella when the rain comes, or even run away amid heavy rain. I really want that, very, very, former then I can not give it, although a good physique, but no physical meaning is everything.
Now, even those that always say "Good night" is always faithful twitter listening to me, anytime. And also that woke me up in the morning is my alarm clock. he was always faithful to give me a warning for waking up. Also there is "Patricia" who always lead me to the campus, protect me from the heat, the rain, my loyal friend. He always looks dirty because I'm very lazy to wash it, the cause is I do not have someone who is always waiting on me each time I return to college, or every Friday afternoon, god, when you send someone that I have dreamed it? I really trust you, every leaf fall because your will. then draw near him, which I do not know the person though. God I always waiting for an answer my prayers through people. Lord I believe you're listening to the focus.

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