Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Fear.... If you really want to know, that's my middle name and my mainly trait. It's always happen to me evermoment. Why it could be in moment ? Because in everymoment I kept my self distant from anyone who watch me based on my perception. I know, it's totally wrong, they may have a value on our self. But who knows? Which is the value negative or positive ? But I don't know it was feels like they always have a negative value on me, no matter what. So I always keep my behavior really controlled. But almost it's such. I'm tired to always being right in the public situation. But If I didn't kept like that, It's always made me sad and down then regret. Everyone think about me that I'm thought enough to face every problem I had, even their problem. But you know, I'm weak beside of all the stage of life. Just pretend that I'm strongest person ever. More you pretend about it more you got the frightened. Even when I just walked in the public place, I never brave to see arround. It was like everyeyes is watching my movement. My step leg, my looks, my hair, and my face. Ah I couldn't solve this one, it's too hard, too fear to solve the fear :(

Too fear to confess what is actually my fear.... :(

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