Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mood swing

people forget fairytales. 
so sleeping beauty sleeps, waiting and waiting
for a prince that will never come,
till her bed breaks, and her dress got old and tattered. 

i once read a story, about a beautiful queen. 

she was very beautiful and admired by many. then one day, a king from the neighbouring kingdom sent her a gorgeous flower. after seeing it, she was angry and had it sent back.
when her subjects asked her why she sent it back, she said "it is beautiful flower, but it has no fragrance." 

what is a flower without its fragrance?
its a human without a heart, a chair without legs, a butterfly without wings. 
because its fragrance attract the bees, so that nectar can be produced, so that baby flowers can grow.
but this flower has no fragrance, so in a way, its useless. the king was saying that the beautiful queen was useless.

but at least, at least the flower has its beauty. useless as it may be, it was still admired and looked upon. whereas, the plain flowers, with all their fragrances were overlooked.

sometime, i think, the hardest thing to cope with is being average. 

averagism is a disease that most people have. myself including. :( 

Dear occupants of the world, 
i appreciate u being nice and caring and all but please do not force ur opinions on me. even if i am doing the most incorrect thing on earth, the fact that i am doing it means that i have subjected myself to this. so, even if u think that i m being totally silly and stupid, just let me be. if i dont like it, i ll find a way out myself. i LOATHE situations where people tell me that i am making a bad decision. ITS MY DECISION. right or wrong, i will handle the consequences. right or wrong, its my problem. unless it affects ur lives, dont stop me from what i have decided to do. 
the more u say dont, the more i will do it. because i hate being forced. i will do the opposite, so DONT. DONT MAKE ME DO THINGS I DONT WANT TO DO. dont make me do things i will regret later. dont make me hate u, and then hate myself for hating u.
so leave me alone. 

i m moody. i suck

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