Monday, 30 January 2012


tired of crying. tired of trying. tired of putting in effort to keep people in my life when they just don't want to be there. i shouldn't have to fight for a spot in anyone's life. why should i try so hard when i don't mean anything to them anymore? its not like i didn't try my best. it just kept failing to a point where i don't think i should try anymore. i'm trying too hard. tired. really exhausted. people are just too disappointing sometimes.

i'm sorry my friends. i'm very extremely sorry to those that care and got worried. i'm just not a very strong person. i thank you all for all you guys have done for me. i love all of you really. don't ever leave me please. thank you and sorry for making you all so worried and sleepless. i'm really sorry i owe you all everything i can offer to owe hahaha. thank you. really.

right now i'm so tired i don't even bother to think about all those things that are making me sad. i don't want to solve those problems anymore. they can just remain in a small corner of me until i find the strength to solve everything again. when those people want to.

i need an escape. i need a holiday, i need one very extremely badly. anyone on for a holiday? let's go tgt? :) call me ok hehehe or text me i want to go on a long holiday. like at least a week or smth.

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